A trillion IoT devices by 2035

Episode 44 · August 3rd, 2017 · 51 mins 28 secs

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IoT will be big by 2035, a trillion devices driving a $1tn of spend/year, according to this paper. How does one come to that figure, and what exactly is IoT. Even better, how would you put together the business case to justify doing an IoT project? Well, you’ll get an average of 5x returns, the paper says, so that’s a compelling start. Also, you should buy some ARM chips. Put together by one of ARM’s investor relations people, this paper is squarely targeted a money people interested in IoT and ARM.

See also the raw notes on the paper, references, and more details on the paper. Also, of course, available as a PDF attached here.

This paper in question (attached here, as well) was suggested by Alek.

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