The fluffy, leather chair interview, or, “Do you think the edge forces you to go hybrid?” or, there’s a lot of high-dollar farts in those chairs

Episode 51 · October 13th, 2017 · 1 hr 15 mins

About this Episode

The big fluffy, leather chair interview is a staple of the tech world now. A big named executive (usually) comes up on the stage with a big name journalist and is interviewed in a “wide ranging” discussion. In addition to videos of these being broadcast, tech outlets often write summaries - news stories even - based on the interviews, and others sometimes post “lighted edited transcripts.” One of our favorite news sites, CRN, does this often. And while they do the sleazy thing of making 20-35 pages out of what should be a, at most, two page story, they’re usually good interviews if you’re into the the topic. Continuing a discussion we started in SDT #108,  we look at three of these interviews, giving us the chance to a close reading of the interviews 

themselves and talk about the format in general.

The three interviews: (1.) Meg Whitman, HPE; (2.) Steve Singh, Docker; (3.) Pat Gelsinger, VMware. All of them, of course, are CEOs.

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