PwC says you suck at THE DIGITAL - Software Defined Talk Members Only White Paper Exegesis #1

Episode 42 · July 21st, 2017 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

Our first white paper review, starting with "what is digital, and what are/should enterprises do about it. See the detailed notes on it, either in the attached PDF, or in Dropbox Paper.

You should be able to find your members only RSS feed and add it to your podcast listener.

First, thanks to our initial, super-fan handful of members who'll be getting this.

Second, tell us if you like this show, format, and, if so, some studies/papers you'd like us to go over.

Third, if you can help us promote this, and grow membership (or at least envy that you get access to!), that'd be awesome. Feel free to email the PDF around, a link the notes, or even the MP3 if you want to be a bit of a privateer.

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