When the practice of using the tool is novel, thought-lording new technologies

Episode 5 · April 27th, 2015 · 1 hr 18 mins

About this Episode

We discuss how you (slowly) introduce new technologies into the market by looking at past tech cycles John has gone through. We also catch-up on the Craft conference and John’s travels in Europe.

Show-notes and Links

  • The Bruce Sterling Web 2.0 European Conference Circuit
  • Craft conference Prezi
  • Consul, Teraform, etc.
  • Johnaform
  • How do you install the thing, how do you fix the thing?
  • DevOps Weekly email list.
  • The 5 why's of cloud
  • Damon and those guys.
  • Simon Wardly's evolution of practice
  • "The practice of using the tool is novel."
  • When the wave finally broke
  • Defined vs. constrained by the tools you use.
  • Learning to See
  • How does this compare to the rise of VMware?
  • Don't be constrained by billing.
  • How are you measured?
  • Bruge, beer museum, churches, chocolate and beer

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